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Technical Data

Tipo (Type): silent slow-sinking jerking minnow, long casting
Length (Lenght): 140 mm (5.5 ")
Weight (Weight): 16g (4/7 oz)
Treble Hooks: Seaspin Très T3X, super-sharp,
corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks 3X, n ° 3 # 6
Swimming depth (Depth Range): 50-70 cm (2-2.5 ft.)

Concept and Design

Mommotti 140 180
The Mommotti 140/180 SF is a marine jerk that in a very short time has received a huge consensus from European fishermen. It has been designed to guarantee long casts in the most difficult marine weather conditions while ensuring a refined lightness in swimming, both in linear recovery and in jerking, which makes it particularly stable even in the presence of lateral and lethal currents even against apathetic predators. A fundamental lure for the Mediterranean. The choice of the through armor then forced a particular design effort in the internal distribution of tungsten weights with constant attention to the perfection of the swimming action. Suitable for all predators such as sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, lecce, mahi mahi, sea bass, amberjack and tuna. Research has led to the creation of a slight ventral curvature of the lure which confers greater instability in swimming and was particularly attractive towards predators.
The slight curvature in the ventral part of the lure creates a unique and more disordered swim, especially during jerks, which is extremely captivating.
The Mommotti 180 SS for this slow sinking persion, the attention of the designers was focused on four distinct points: the positioning of the internal weights to further increase the already long range of the lure in the launch phase, the slight thickening of the headstock as further protection against accidental breakage, a thickening of the containment baffles of the internal mobile weights and the use of the Seaspin Très T3X reinforced treble hooks. Characteristic of the falling lure is a slight roll which is particularly attractive towards sea bass and barracudas.

Action (action)

Slow retrieve: rolling
Regular retrieve: wobbling & rolling
Fast retrieve: wide wobbling
Recovery “Jerk” (Jerking): To stimulate the fish aggressiveness you may want to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the lure to make large skids. Intersperse jerks with pause and / or variable recovery.

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ModelSeaspin Lures Mommotti
Lure lenght14
Weight:16 gr

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