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Type: slow sinking silent minnow, long casting

Length: 140 mm

Width: 17.6 mm

Height: 19.5 mm

Weight: 28 g

Treble hooks: n ° 3 # 4

Swimming depth: 60-120cm

Concept and Design

is a new lure characterized by an innovative "fan" shape of the headstock and an atypical aesthetic that gives it unique performance and identifies it, even if it belongs to the traditional line of minnows, as one of the most futuristic and innovative lures of recent years . A peculiar feature of this lure is the headstock, with an absolutely new shape, designed to allow customization during the recovery of those lures that have a deeper depth of action and on which, normally, it is not possible to intervene to vary their behavior. The lure produces clear and rapid vibrations during swimming and its movement is composed of a large, very sinuous tail wagging, accentuated in the chromatic contrasts between back and hips by the particular shape of the body. Excellent casting performance and great current resistance. There is a through armature and reinforced headstock and treble hooks; suitable for all predators, in the order sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, snapper etc.


Slightly sinking action with waiting position slightly inclined forward, typical of forage fish in pasture, absolutely lethal for the sea bass if interspersed with skilful jerks worked under the foam. Slow retrieve: light wobbling Regular retrieve: wobbling & light rolling Fast retrieve: Wide wobbling & rolling "Jerk" recovery: To stimulate the aggressiveness of the fish it is recommended to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the artificial to make large skids. Interval the jerks with pauses and / or a variable recovery.

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ModelSeaspin Lures Buginu
Lure lenght14
Weight:28 gr

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