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Technical Dats

Tipo (Type): walk the dog topwater bait, long casting
Length (Lenght): 120 mm (4.7 ")
Weight (Weight): 27g (27 / 28oz)
Treble Hooks: Seaspin Très T3X, super-sharp,
corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks 3X, n ° 2 # 2

Concept and Design

Very easy to use, it forms tight and fast curves if retrieved normally, responding very promptly to the angler's stresses, while creating very wide curves if retrieved slowly. In addition to the lateral movement, it is also distinguished by a particular high-low movement very stimulating towards predators. This last movement can be favored, or canceled, by the action of the fisherman and is in any case an additional weapon that distinguishes the Pro-Q from other wtd models on the market. The careful weight distribution and the specially designed profile allow very long casts, unusual for this category of lures. Rattling is rather dull and produced by the internal balls that are partially free to move. The colors range from natural to transparent and glow. Here, too, there is no shortage of internal through armor and reinforced treble hooks. Suitable for all predators that attack on the surface such as sea bass, greenhouse fish, barracuda, lecce, mahi mahi.

Action (action)
Slow retrive: performs large curves (large walking the dog movement)
Regular retrive: performs tight and fast turns associated with a high-low movement

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Data sheet

TypeWalking the dog
ModelSeaspin Lures Pro Q
Lure lenght12
Weight:27 gr

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