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A "Knife" in the blue. Type: casting metal jig Length: 75 mm, 85 mm, 95 mm Weight: 22 g, 33g, 44 g Hooks: Seaspin Gàmu SW round hooks, super-sharp corrosion resistant salt water hooks n ° 1 # 1/0 (22 g ), # 2/0 (33 g), # 3/0 (44 g) Concept and Design and Action The Leppa is a flattened metal jig, not for nothing Leppa, in Sardinian dialect, means "knife", and in fact its physiognomy is very reminiscent of that of a dagger. The particularly flat and aerodynamic shape, combined with the center of gravity moved to the rear, allow it to launch surprisingly. In retrieve it allows many customizations: it manages to guarantee a nervous and very attractive swim even on linear retrieve and at very low speeds and at the same time on jerks it responds with evident lateral clicks as if it were a jerk bait instead of a metal jig; at high barrel and high speed it is possible to make it swim just under the surface by exploiting the vortices that it will create as an additional source of attraction for predators. It is proposed with a special single hook (Gàmu round hook) instead of the classic treble hook, because it is a more reliable conformation towards large marine predators. Excellent for both land and boat use, it is indicated for the search for a large number of predators, in particular pelagic ones such as various tunnids, bonito, amberjacks and mahi-mahi. However, it is not disdained by coastal predators such as snappers and greenhouses; Excellent lure for fishing on offshore mangle where its swimming characteristics allow very slow passages that allow you to stay longer in the frenzy zone.

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TypeCasting Jig
ModelSeaspin Lures Leppa
Lure lenght9.5
Weight:44 gr

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