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SMITH HALUCA 145MM COL.06 View larger


Slim jerkbait designed to search for sea bass and other predators in shallow water or near reefs. The particular V shape facilitates the casting performance also favored by the internal movement system of steel and tungsten weights designed by SMITH technicians and called "CAST-ABILITY". 2 fixed spheres in the tail and 3 movable spheres ensure perfect internal balance during flight by significantly lowering the center of gravity. The ballistic qualities of the Haluca are impressive, and in this model, longer and heavier, they are particularly highlighted, making the Haluca 145 the ideal choice for fishing sessions in strong winds. The shape of this lure is different from the usual slim ones available on the market. The Haluca is in fact thinner along its entire length and in the lower part it has a section with a more pronounced and flat V on the bottom. The headstock is much smaller and positioned more forward than the lure axis. In water the Haluca produces tight vibration due to the profile and internal weight system. Wobbling is little pronounced at low speed, but increases at higher recovery speed. The light reflections created by the special surface of these lures are irresistible to predators. Particularly enticing colors finished with extremely effective anti-abrasion treatment. Artificial that works at 20 / 30cm below the surface of the water.

Weight: 19g

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ModelSmith Haluca
Lure lenght14.5
Weight:19 gr

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