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Technical features

Type (Type): inchiku
Length (Lenght): 104 mm (4.2 ")
Weight (Weight): 200 g (7 oz)
Assist line 90 lb
Ami (Hooks): super-sharp,
corrosion resistant single hooks n ° 2 # 1/0

Concept and Design

Suchadu was created to remedy an intrinsic defect of traditional inchiku: the high percentage of fish unhooking during combat. To solve this problem, the Suchadu is equipped with an innovative system that allows the direct connection of the assist hook to the terminal as in a classic vertical jig. Under normal conditions of presentation of the bait, the assist hook, connected to the terminal with a solid ring, runs for a distance inside the body of the inchiku where a seat is obtained; the assist cord is held in place by a flexible plastic tube that remains in place until a hooked fish blows it out; the hardness of the release system is adjustable by a specially shaped “stopper”. In addition to this innovative system that eliminates the cause of unhooking characteristic of the inchiku, the Suchadu benefits from a careful study of the hydrodynamic shape and the position of the center of gravity that allow it not only a perfectly vertical and fast descent, but also an indifference to the effects. of the currents much higher, at the same weight, compared to most traditional inchiku. The model was filed as a "patent P" and was "honorable mention" by the jury at Efttex 2012 in Paris in the metal jig section. The Suchadu was designed by the well-known angler Massimo Sanna.

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Data sheet

ModelSeaspin Lures Suchadu
Lure lenght10.4
Weight:200 gr

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