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Type: sinking minnow, long casting Length: 95 mm Weight: 18 g Hooks: Seaspin Très T3X, super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks 3X, n ° 2 # 4 Swimming depth: 30-90 cm Concept and Design and Action Lo Stria 95 is a very innovative sinking minnow. Despite the pronounced vane it is not a countdown, that is an artificial capable of descending a lot and being used from particularly high positions: in reality its range of action goes from about one meter to a few centimeters below its surface depending on how it is used. The vane has the purpose of keeping the currents well, even strong, a quality that makes it perfect for resisting in the midst of the most difficult foams and the power of the flow of the mouths. Its peculiarity that distinguishes it from all the other minnows on the market is the movement, in fact the shape with the "high forehead" and the narrow sides force it to an extremely accentuated rolling, accompanied by a tight and regular wobbling. This 180 ° wobbling and the consequent strong vibration are something that fish, more and more "experts" in lures, are certainly not used to. The form and the movement are also architects of a not indifferent visual attractiveness: the glitter of the artificial is an extra ace: impossible not to notice it even in the midst of the thickest foams! All the qualities described make it first of all an excellent bass lure, but in tests it has proved to be polyvalent: from snapper, to barracuda and greenhouse, and surprisingly it has also proved successful with tunnids such as alletterati and bonito. Slow retrieval: wide rolling & light wobbling Regular retrieval: wide rolling & wobbling Fast retrieval: wide rolling & wobbling "Jerk" retrieval: To stimulate the aggressiveness of the fish it is recommended to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the lure to make wide skids. Interval the jerks with pauses and / or a variable recovery.

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ModelSeaspin Lures Stria
Lure lenght9.5
Weight:18 gr

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